The Adventure Begins

So… I finally made it to France! The past two weeks have been a whirlwind of activities and emotions, but I am settled into my new home in Rouen and am ready to get this semester started!

Our first stop was  Paris, where we spent a few days sightseeing (and eating) until our feet and stomachs couldn’t take anymore. We found our favorite restaurant on our very first night in the city:  Le Père Claude, where we discovered the best roasted chicken EVER.


Next, we spent a day at the beautiful palace of Versailles. The gardens are a must-see; it is well worth the drive from Paris!


Then we were off to the city of Mont-Saint-Michel. What a day! We were up early to beat the crowds, and had to sprint to the top of the mountain to buy tickets for a guided tour, but the view was worth all the walking. If you ever have the chance to visit, Mont-Saint-Michel has a fascinating history and fantastic views of the surrounding area.

Although we didn’t eat in the town because it was crowded and a bit touristy, we stopped in the nearby town of Avranches for lunch. We came across Le pot d’étain  by complete accident, but was a huge hit, because (drum roll)… THEY HAD GLUTEN FREE CRÊPES! Traditional Breton crêpes, which are a savory version known as galettes, use buckwheat flour and are naturally gluten free. The desert kind uses normal flour, but luckily I knew enough French to ask for it to be served with the buckwheat crêpe instead. This restaurant is highly recommended for everyone, but especially my fellow celiacs out there!


My personal favorite, the town of Honfleur, was our next detour. Located near where the Seine river meets the ocean, this old world city looked just like a postcard. This quintessential town is exactly what I imagined France would be like:


And finally, we arrived at the city of Rouen, where I will be spending the next four months studying at the NEOMA Business School. Although it is not what I initially expected (I literally broke down into tears at the first glimpse of my dorm room), this town is slowly growing on me the longer I’m here.

I look forward to more adventures, so stay tuned for more of my favorite discoveries, both in Rouen and around Europe!

Happy travels,





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